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  • Safest way to buy and sell sneakers

How does it work


  1. Look up your desired sneakers in the search bar or browse a specific category. 
  2. To buy a product you can either click on "buy now" or place a desired amount you want to pay for the sneakers.
  3. Once the agreement has been made over the price you need to fill in your credit card information and pay. 
  4. The seller will be notified and is obligated to ship the shoes within 2 business days. 
  5. Once they arrive at our facility in Belgium they will be inspected by our experts.
  6. After being labeled as 100% authentic we will ship your sneakers as soon as possible. (Mostly the same day or next business day)


  1. Look up your sneakers in the search bar or browse the categories for your specific sneakers. If it is not in our database you can always opt for a product request. We will review your request and get back to you within 2 business days.
  2. When you found your product you can either sell it at the highest bid, if any, or place a desired amount for your sneakers. 
  3. Once there is an agreement on both parties you will get notified by email attached with a shipping label from our logistics partner, DPD. 
  4. ALWAYS Double box the sneaker and tape the shipping label on the box and drop it off at your local DPD parcel shop. (this may vary in each country)
  5. Countries that are not supported with this feature, please ship the shoes at your local post office or any other shipping company of your choice to: Heat Supply, Antwerpsesteenweg 170, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium
  6. When the product arrives at our facility, we will inspect your shoes. When they appear to be exactly as described, we will release your funds to your bank account (takes 2-3 business days) and ship them off to the buyer.