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About us

HEAT.SUPPLY is a small business located in Belgium, created by passionate people, for passionate sneakerheads. Established in 2017, however our love for crepes goes way back.  

Throughout the years we have acquired hands-on experience in selling and buying sneakers online. The sneaker culture has truly transformed into a global shoe game and is very much alive in Europe today. Therefore, we found that the time has come to start our own online trading platform, like our fellow sneakerheads overseas (read US) have, for buying or selling their beloved pair(s) with ease. As true sneakerheads we acknowledge that online transactions can be quite challenging and time consuming. We made it our goal to simplify things for you. 

Finding your favourite pair of kicks or grails can be the most exciting thing ever however, you always want to make sure the pair(s) are authentic and deadstock as they are advertised, especially if they have a high price tag. When buying directly from private sellers refunds are often not accepted and the shoes are not authenticated or checked by a third party. At HEAT.SUPPLY we believe that collecting, admiring, and trading sneakers should be fun and happen with ease of mind. That is why we created this platform for sellers and buyers to meet and trade. When buying from HEAT.SUPPLY the sneakers are thoroughly checked and authenticated by our in-house sneaker experts. Once they prove to be the real deal, we add our quality label and ship them to you. If the shoe does not pass our quality control you will be notified and offered a refund.  

When selling at HEAT.SUPPLY we want to make the trade as convenient as possible for you. List your sneakers on HEAT.SUPPLY and benefit from our reach and exposure to promote your product. In addition, you do not need to spend your time to plan a face trade off when the deal is closed. Simply drop the shoes of at a DPD pickup point nearest to you and let us deal with the rest. Furthermore, if you have changed your mind, you are free to remove your listing, no strings attached. 


Last but not least we trade within Europe, if you have a European shipping address you do not need to worry about additional tax charges which you normally face when buying from the United States or other non-European countries. 

Our mission is to deliver a service that is easy and convenient for buyer ánd seller. 

As simple as that.

At HEAT.SUPPLY you never take an L. 

Start copping fam! 

Tim Liu, 
Founder of HEAT.SUPPLY